This release introduces our new extension, pg_lakehouse 🎉

pg_lakehouse transforms Postgres into an analytical query engine over external object stores like S3 and table formats like Delta Lake. You can check it out here.


Because pgvector now has sparse vector support, pg_sparse has been deprecated. We encourage all users to migrate to the latest version of pgvector for sparse vector search.


pg_analytics has been succeeded by pg_lakehouse and is now in maintenance mode. You can read more about our rationale here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where hybrid search can throw a division by zero error
  • Calling create_bm25 on an index that already exists will now throw an error instead of recreating the index
  • The key_field argument in create_bm25 can now be called anything, not just id

Full Changelog

The full changelog is available here.