Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where memory consumption would balloon when inserting large amounts of data into a parquet table.
  • Fixed a bug where VACUUM operations would not be performed on parquet tables.

New Features

  • We’ve added support for JOINs across parquet and regular Postgres heap tables.
  • It is now possible to CREATE TABLE USING parquet AS SELECT * FROM ... to create a parquet table from a regular Postgres table.

New Features

  • We’ve successfully tested pg_search over 1 billion rows and renamed it to pg_search.
  • We’ve improved the documentation for pg_search to make it easier to get started with the extension.


New Features

  • Users can now contact us for help directly from the ParadeDB database or from a specific ParadeDB extension via SELECT => $$your issue$$);.

Full Changelog

The full changelog is available here.