What is ParadeDB?

ParadeDB is a Postgres-based ElasticSearch alternative, engineered for lightning-fast full text, similarity, and hybrid search.

Today, developers implementing search face one of two options: adopt an external service like ElasticSearch, which is powerful but painful to run, tune, and sync, or use Postgres’ native search features, which are pleasant to use but nowhere near as capable as a full search engine.

ParadeDB aims to be the best of both worlds, providing developers with the simplicity of one Postgres database with the search capabilities of a world-class search engine.

Why ParadeDB

ParadeDB provides the most comprehensive search features of any Postgres database. ParadeDB is a good fit for you if:

  • You want a single, Postgres-based source of truth and hate duplicating data across multiple services.
  • You want to perform full-text search over large volumes of documents stored in Postgres without compromising on performance or scalability.
  • You want to combine ANN/similarity search with full text search for improved semantic matching.

ParadeDB is not a good fit if:

  • You are looking for an observability solution that ingests and monitors logs. We currently don’t support this use case.

Current Status

ParadeDB Cloud, a self-serve managed version of ParadeDB, is now live.