Deploying Using the ParadeDB Helm Chart



  • A Kubernetes cluster up and running.
  • Helm installed. If not, please refer to the official Helm documentation for installation guidelines.

Deployment Steps:

Step 1: Add the ParadeDB Helm Repository First, add the ParadeDB repository to Helm. This repo contains all the necessary charts for ParadeDB.

helm repo add paradedb

Step 2: Update the Helm Repository

Update the repo to ensure you have the latest chart version.

helm repo update

Step 3: Search for the ParadeDB Chart

Before installing, you can search for available charts in the ParadeDB repository to ensure you’re installing the right one.

helm search repo paradedb

Step 4: Install the ParadeDB Chart

Install the chart. You can customize the values using a values file or the set flag. Refer to the documentation for all values that can be set.

helm install my-db paradedb/paradedb

my-db is a release name you choose. It will be used to identify pods, services, and any other Kubernetes resources.

Uninstallation Steps:

If for any reason you wish to uninstall the ParadeDB deployment, you can do so with the following command:

helm delete my-db

Remember to replace my-db with the release name you chose during installation.